These videos were recorded as a part of the Gerizpean project, carried out thanks to the BilbaoArte Foundation art project grant.

In these videos nothing seems to happen. The videos, about 15 or 20 minutes, deal with the passage of time, the change of a place through the movement of light. They speak of the memory, of what is in transit, of what is no longer, or of what can not be contained. They are videos in which nothing seems to move, videos close to the photographic approach, where a fixed plane captures the subtle movement of the shadows of the branches, leaves and vegetation that is projected onto white canvases. The passage of real time, often imperceptible to the human eye, is recorded on the white surface of the fabric and shows how, in a matter of 15 minutes, it is capable of substantially transforming a place. The visual absorption that can be achieved when observing these videos can lead to their consequent transient loss of narrative, presenting this as a possible definition in the face of the inexplicable or incommunicable in an imaginative process. This narrative loss places us before a fissure or mismatch of the understanding that throws us into the vacuum of a time, of a matter that does not belong to us.

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